Dual-layer Tank

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Dual-layer Tank 44_02   PRODUCT PARAMETERS 44_09 PRODUCT STRUCTURE 44_11 Product Structure Total height(H)is based on discharge port height 800mm, and it may vary if discharge port changes. Application ● Can be used as liquid Storage Tank, Mixing Tank, Temporary Storage Tank, Batching Tank, Hot Water Tank, and etc. ● Suitable in such industries as Food, Dairy Products, Fruit Juice, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Biological Engineering and etc. Structural features ● Mainly structured with inner layer, external shield and middle layer with insulation material. ● Sanitary stainless steel. ● Very user-friendly structural design, excellent maneuverability. ● Internal transition part of tank is arc welding to ensure health, no dead ends. Tank Configuration ● Quick opening manhole. ● CIP clean ball. ● Fly-proof sanitary breathable cover. ● Adjustable three Feet. ● Removable feed tube kit. ● Thermometer (optional). ● Ladder (optional). ● level gauge and level controller(optional).

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