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1 (1) Bag filters are mainly used to filter impurities in water, beverages, and chemical liquids. The filter bags are available in #1, #2, #3, #4, etc., and a stainless steel filter basket is required as a support. The filter has a large filtering area, high filtration efficiency, convenient operation and low maintenance cost. The height of the filter is adjustable for different applications. Typical Application
  • Food: beverage, and alcohol factories, meeting the sanitary requirement
  • Filtration of petrochemical and chemical products
  • Filtration of liquids in printing, furniture, etc.
Technical Apecofocation MULTI-BAG FILTER 02 Main Technical Parameters of Side-entry Bag Filter MULTI-BAG FILTER 03 Main Technical Parameters of Top-entry Bag Filter MULTI-BAG FILTER 04 Seleciton Guide MULTI-BAG FILTER 05 MULTI-BAG FILTER 06 MULTI-BAG FILTER 07 Pleated Filter Cartridge Liquid Filter Bag Type: bag filter Application: liquid filtration Bag Material: PE / PP / other Accuracy: 1-200UM The ordinary liquid filter bag is made of PE (polyester) fiber, PP (polypropylene) fiber cloth, or MO (monofilament) mesh. PE and PP are deep three-dimensional filter materials. 100% pure fiber is processed by needle punching to form a three-dimensional, high-floating and tortuous filter layer. The 100% pure fiber is needle-punched into a three-dimensional, highly fluffy and tortuous filter layer. It is characterized by loose fibrous structure, which can increase the capacity of impurities. This filter is a double-cut mode that effectively removes solid and soft particles, allowing larger particles to be trapped on the fiber surface while fine particles are trapped in the depth of the filter. It ensures that it will not break due to increased pressure during use and has high filtration efficiency. In addition, the outer surface of the machine is high-temperature heat treatment, that is, instant sintering technology (calendering treatment), which can effectively prevent the fibers from being lost by high-speed impact of liquid during filtration. Thereby, both the contamination of the filtrate due to fiber detachment and the clogging of the filter pore caused by the conventional rolling treatment could be avoided, and the life of the filter bag is increased. In addition, this pressure difference is small, that does not affect the flow rate, and its accuracy   is   1-200microns MO is made of non-deformable nylon spinning, woven into a net according to the specified specifications, and becomes a single wire after heat setting. It is characterized by high strength and does not deform due to changes in pressure. The monofilament woven surface is smooth, easy to clean, and can be used repeatedly. It is also suitable for filtering some liquids with high impurity content, which can reduce the filtration cost, and its precision is 20 〜 550 mesh(25~840μm). Filter bag fixing ring material: stainless steel ring, galvanized steel ring, polyester / polypropylene plastic ring Material: Polyester (PE), Polypropylene (PP). L = five-line seam - ring material (common galvanized steel, stainless steel) A= bag 1, B= bag 2, C=bag 3, D= bag 3 Filtration area: bag 1 = 0.25, bag 2 = 0.5, bag 3 = 0.8, bag 3 = 0.15 Dimensional tolerance mm: >0.3-0.8 >0.3-0.8 >0.3-0.8 >0.3-0.8 Filtration fineness (pm): 1, 3, 5,10,15,20,25, 50,75,100,150,200 Maximum Operating Pressure Difference (MPa): 0.4, 0.3, 0.2 Maximum Operating Temperature (°C): Polyester (PE): 130 (instantaneous 180); Polypropylene (PO): 90 (instantaneous 110) Filter System Application MULTI-BAG FILTER 08 Product  Showcase MULTI-BAG FILTER 09 PRECISION FILTER 05 MULTI-BAG FILTER 10 MULTI-BAG FILTER 11 MULTI-BAG FILTER 12  

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