Powder Liquid Mixer

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Product  Parameters Notice: * The flow range data in the above table is test result based on water as test media * Motor power will match according to the viscosity and concentration of the material Product Description The pump meets simple mixing requirements as well as high quality emulsification, dispersion, dissolution and homogenization. With special impellers and induction wheels, stabilizers, gums, powders, sugars, etc. and liquids can be quickly dissolved to achieve hydration.】 Features ●The pump is ideal for use in milk, syrup, pudding, sauces, ice cream, sugar products and salad dressings for agitation, emulsification, dispersion, dissolution and homogenization. ●Compared with traditional mixers, the pump can work quickly and efficiently, saving 90% time ●All parts (pump head and hopper) in contact with the material are made of stainless steel 316L. Support for CIP, saving work time and avoiding risk of equipment damage caused by COP ●Small size, heavy load, large processing capacity ●The processing capacity can be as high as 40m³/hr