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Cam Rotor Pump ZB3A Series 01 Product Parameters Cam Rotor Pump ZB3A Series 02 Note: The flow range in the table refers to the data measured when the medium is “water”. It adopts stepless variable speed motor or frequency converter to adjust the speed range from 200 to 900 rpm. When conveying high viscosity concentrated liquid, the motor power must be increased. The data in this form is subject to change without prior notice. The correct parameters are subject to the actual product provided. Product Structure Butterfly Rotor Pump: Thanks to the butterfly rotor, it has certain advantages in conveying high-viscosity materials and materials containing larger particles, and can effectively transport particularly viscous materials. Single Butterfly Curved Rotor Pump: The pump is specially designed for the transport of large particles containing materials. Its unique shape and curved form make it an unparalleled superiority to other pumps when transporting large particulate materials. It can effectively avoid particle breakage during the process of conveying materials, and is the preferred pump for conveying granular materials. Cam Rotor Pump ZB3A Series 03   Transmission Section Selection: ●Motor + Fixed Ratio Reducer: this method of transmission is simple, the rotor speed is constant, which also determines the flow rate is not adjustable. ● Motor + Mechanical Friction Type Stepless Transmission: this type of transmission is manually adjusted to achieve variable speed. It is characterized by safe and reliable, large torque, flow adjustable stepless. Disadvantages are non-automatic adjustment and more troublesome. The speed must be adjusted in the working process, and it must not be adjusted under stop state. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance specifications. ●Converter Motor + Converter: the speed can be automatically adjusted in this way, which means that the flow can be adjusted steplessly. The advantage is that the degree of automation is high and the low speed torque is large; the disadvantage is that the price of the inverter is relatively high. Please refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual for maintenance specifications. Cam Rotor Pump ZB3A Series 04 Working Principle The rotor pump has two synchronously reversed rotors (2-4 teeth). When they rotate, there is suction (vacuum) generated at the inlet to suck in the material to be transported. The two rotors divide the rotor chamber into several small pieces. In the space, they operate in the order a→b→c→d. When operating to position a, only chamber I is filled with media; At location b, part of the medium is enclosed in room B; At position c, the medium is also enclosed in chamber A; At position d, Room B and Room A communicates with Chamber II, and the media is conveyed to the discharge port. In this way, the medium (material) is continuously sent out. Cam Rotor Pump ZB3A Series 05 This cam lobe pump is a multi-purpose transfer pump which adopts two-lobe, tri-lobe, butterfly or multi-lobe rotor. As a sanitary volumetric delivery pump, it has the characteristics of low speed, high output torque, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Its unique working principle and characteristics are embodied in conveying high viscosity, high temperature, and highly corrosive materials. Its conveying process is smooth and continuous, and it can ensure that the physical properties of the materials are not broken during the conveying process, and the viscosity of the conveyable materials can be up to 1,000,000 CP. Cam Rotor Pump ZB3A Series 06 Product  Showcase Cam Rotor Pump ZB3A Series 06 Cam Rotor Pump ZB3A Series 08 Application characteristics Deliver High Viscosity Materials As a positive displacement pump, it has low speed, high output torque and high temperature resistance, making it especially suitable for conveying high viscosity and high temperature materials. Its unique working principle combined with a powerful drive system ensures that the rotor pump can output a powerful drive torque at low speeds. It is ensured that the material is conveyed continuously and without stagnation, and that the properties of the material are not destroyed during the conveying process. The pump can deliver media with viscosities up to 1000000CP. Transporting Thin Media Rotor pumps have a comparative advantage when transporting particularly thin media, especially when it is required to output a thin medium without pulsation. The drive system equipped with the rotor pump can operate at a higher rotational speed when the viscosity of the medium to be transported decreases, and the leakage amount increases, ensuring a constant output flow rate. Sanitary Material All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel that meets hygienic standards. It is suitable for all sanitary and corrosion resistant applications and is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Insulation Jacket Design Depending on the needs of the different work spaces, an insulation jacket can be added to the rotor pump. This structure can ensure that the material which is easy to solidify at a low temperature state is kept at a constant temperature during the transportation process, and no condensation occurs. Water Flushing Mechanical seal A mechanical seal structure with water flushing function can be provided to prevent material from condensing on the end face of the mechanical seal during the process of conveying high-viscosity materials, thereby affecting the normal operation of the equipment and ensuring the use of mechanical seals in harsh environments. life. No Wearing Parts Theoretically The rotor pump does not have any part wear during operation (except for mechanical seals) theoretically. All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. The pair of rotors run synchronously during operation, maintaining a certain gap between each other without any contact, so there is no theoretical wear. And the rotor pump can work in environments up to 220 degrees Celsius.

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