Dairy beverage milk vacuum degassing tank

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Using the vacuum suction effect rule out no non-condensable gas contained in the material liquid device on line degassing dairy, juice and other materials; The oxidation of inhibiting Browning, pigment and other materials

Product Introduction Vacuum tank, also known as vacuum degasser, vacuum takes off angry machine, used for after homogeneous material under vacuum degassing, to prevent the oxidation of the material, and prolong the shelf life of materials. The machine all parts contacting with materials are made of high quality stainless steel and hard rubber, in the main by: barrel, roof, one-way valve, nozzle, valve, depending on the hole, etc, when using, as long as open the matching of the vacuum pump, smoke detector in the air, at the same time within the materials will be fed from the inlet self-priming device, when the material to a certain position, control valve automatic control of material, at this time can observe and control the feeding speed from sight hole, when the degree of vacuum in condenser meet the process requirements, can be exported from material extraction material, as long as you maintain the balance of the vacuum degree and front-rear, can continue to produce. In the fruit juice processing, fruit juice to oxygen is mainly by vacuum method for degassing to oxygen, juice under vacuum condition is dispersed into thin film or fog point and remove oxygen or other gas. Vacuum stripping tank is suitable for all kinds of fruit juice drinks, or other liquid under the vacuum degassing to oxygen; After degassing treatment of fruit and vegetable juice drinks, can reduce or avoid the oxidation of fruit. PRODUCT PARAMETERS Technical file support: random provide equipment drawings (CAD), the installation drawing, the product quality certificate, installation and operating instructions, etc. Dairy beverage milk vacuum degassing tank 01

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PRODUCT STRUCTURE The apparatus in contact with the juice part are made of stainless steel and hard rubber, vacuum degassing unit mainly consists of: barrel, roof, one-way valve, nozzle, valve, sight glasses, vacuum pump, thick slurry pump, control box, stainless steel pipe support, etc. Working Principle Vacuum tank off using the vacuum suction effect to remove material in the air (oxygen), inhibit oxidation and Browning, improve the quality of the products. Remove hang the gas that the scattered particle attached at the same time, to prevent the particles floating, effectively improve the appearance of the product, bubbling when can also reduce canned and high temperature sterilization, improve the appearance of the products, also can reduce the corrosion of the inner wall of the container.

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