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Video Product Introduction The high-pressure homogenizer is used to homogenize and emulsify liquid materials (liquid-liquid or liquid-solid) with a viscosity lower than 0.2Pa.s and a temperature lower than 80°C. Its working principle is mainly to send the processed material to the homogenization valve in the form of high pressure through the reciprocating motion of the three plungers, so that the material flows through the small gap between the valve disc and the valve seat and is subjected to turbulence, cavitation and shear force at the moment. . Thus, the originally rough emulsion or suspension is processed into extremely fine, uniform and stable liquid and liquid mixed emulsion or liquid and solid dispersion. The average emulsification fineness is below 1um, and the average solid dispersion particle size is below 2um. After the material is homogenized, it has extremely high stability, at the same time, it can improve the storage quality, speed up the reaction time, and save additives. The equipment is widely used in food, health care, cosmetics and other fields, and it can improve the absorption quality of the human body. Advantages of the high-pressure homogenizer ● Improve uniformity ● Better crushing fineness ● Better stability of the final product ● Better absorption quality ● Save the cost of expensive additives ● Extend product shelf life Technical characteristics of high-pressure homogenizer ● The whole machine is covered by a stainless steel shell, and the appearance is smooth and delicate, safe and hygienic. ● It adopts helical gear low-speed transmission, low noise, stable operation and reliable performance. ● The transmission part adopts splash type and unique oil delivery method to ensure the lubrication of each part ● The double-sided design of the valve seat doubles the service life. ● The homogenization valve, check valve and plunger are made of alloy steel, which are resistant to wear, impact and long service life. High-pressure homogenizer products are widely used in dairy sauces, beverages, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, biological daily chemical industry, skin care products, coatings and inks, nanomaterials, petrochemicals, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, paper industry, pesticides, fertilizers, rubber, electronics industry, etc.. It is used for fine processing and ultra-fine crushing, so as to obtain higher standards and higher quality finished products. This equipment has a good effect and application in solving problem of easy layering and easy precipitation of the formula milk, squeezed juice, protein and natural health products. 1. Food juices and beverages: make the particle size finer and more evenly distributed, prevent stratification, extend the shelf life, and reduce the use of additives. 2. Milk and dairy products: completely solve the floating and aggregation of fat globules, improve the taste and extend the shelf life. 3. Chemical products: fine emulsification, more uniform viscosity, smoother structure, more vivid colors, greatly improve product stability, and easier to be absorbed and utilized. 4. Biochemical products: break cell walls and extract effective ingredients, greatly improving the release speed and amount of effective ingredients, and the absorption rate by the human body will be significantly accelerated, and the absorption amount will increase significantly. High-pressure (1) High-pressure (2) High-pressure (3) High-pressure (4) High-pressure (5) High-pressure (6) High-pressure (7) High-pressure (8) High-pressure (9)

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