Magnetic Mixing Tank

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70_02 PRODUCT PARAMETERS The agitator is installed at the bottom, and the mixing blade is unique in design, which can be adapted to agitation and mixing of various media, and can be stirred in the case of few materials. Simple structure, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, no dead ends
Designed Pressure ATM~0.6MPaATM~0.6MPa
esigned Temperature Tank body could be customized.
Treatment Mechanical Polishing, Sandblasting, Pickling
Polishing Accuracy Internal Wall Thickness 0.28μm, external wall thickness 0.6μm
Inner Body 304、316L304、316L
Insulation Layer Rock wool or polyurethane
Jacket 304304
Inlet & Outlet Quick chuck interface, flange
01  PRODUCT STRUCTURE Magnetic mixing tank has characteristics of no leakage, fully sealed, corrosion resistance and energy saving. Because of its non-contact transmission torque, taking static seal to replace dynamic seal, it solves the leakage problem that other shaft seals cannot overcome. Since all materials and the mixing components operate in a sterile and sanitary state, the magnetic mixing tank is an ideal replacement for processing machines in the industries of pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, cosmetics and bioengineering. It is a sterile liquid mixing tank with mixing device installed at the bottom or sideways if necessary, enabling CIP and SIP. There can be different seal heads, jackets or single wall, from which customers can choose for different combinations according to requirements. 70_06 Optional Configuration for Tank Body Aseptic air filter, thermometer (digital or dial type), pH meter, steam sterilization port, spotlight sight glass, sanitary manhole, liquid inlet and outlet, CIP swivel cleaning ball, pressure gauge, sterile sampling valve (at the tank bottom), liquid level gauge, automatic liquid level control system (load-bearing module, non-contact ultrasonic, static pressure transmitter), and etc., Other accessories could be equipped according to customer’s requirements Typical Application It can be used as liquid storage tank, mixing tank, temporary storage tank, water storage tank, and etc. It is suitable for aseptic mixing and storage of liquid materials in the fields of food, dairy products, juice drinks, pharmaceutical chemicals, biological engineering and etc. Product Features ● Welded isolation sleeve static dead seal replaces dynamic mechanical seal, that completely solves the leakage problem of dynamic mechanical seal, ensuring no leakage, no external pollution, strong safety and it’s simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean, no dead corner. ● A mixer at the bottom even can mix very few materials with unique designed mixing blade, mixing speed ranging from 20r/min to 400r/min, which can mix and blend various materials. Since the mixer is installed at an angle of 10°at the tank bottom, the materials are twisted within the tank at an angle of 10°during agitation, not rotating in the circumferential direction, bringing about turbulent flow. ● The mixing speed is regulated steplessly by the inverter, and the optimal mixing speed can be adjusted below the maximum speed to meet the requirements of various processes on the mixing speed. ● Tank capacities available range from 50L to 20,000L, which could be designed and manufactured according to actual needs of customers.

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