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The pump is mainly composed of feeding hopper, butterfly valve, pump casing I, II, impeller, main shaft, mechanical seal, water cooling jacket, pump seat, belt transmission device, motor, etc. All parts of the equipment that are in contact with the materials are made of high-quality and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which meets food health requirements. When the device is working, the motor drives the main shaft and the impeller through the belt, and the impeller rotates at a high speed in the pump casing II to achieve the purpose of mixing the liquid. The impeller is made of Ocr19N19, which is easy to take apart and wash, and it prevent bacteria from gathering. The mechanical seal is composed of a static ring, a dynamic seal ring, a stainless steel spring and a compression seal ring. There is also an external seal that prevents liquid leakage. The main shaft and the motor are driven by a V-belt, and the pump is equipped with a water cooling jacket and a tensioner The motor and wiring part of this pump can effectively prevent the accumulation of water and damp, and it is in line with electricity safety. The motor and the pump base are connected by bolts, which makes the whole machine can be moved arbitrarily without a fixed installation foundation. Water and powder mixer 03 Working Principle The mixture pump is also called water powder mixer, liquid material mixer, liquid material mixing pump, etc. It has the advantages of unique appearance, compact size, environmental protection and cleanliness, energy saving, high efficiency, rapid mixing and convenient transportation. The equipment is to fully mix the powdery material and liquid through a high speed rotating impeller to make it a required mixture and send it out. And it can absorb materials with a maximum temperature of 80 degrees. It can quickly mix the liquid material and can be used for the production of fruit juices and other beverages to achieve the desired benefits. Water and powder mixer 04 The pump consists of a main body and an impeller, which are mounted perpendicular to each other. It sucks liquids and solids separately through a double-walled pipe, preventing them from clumping before entering the main part. The liquid enters the main body of the pump at high speed and at the same time a vacuum is generated at the center of the rotor and the stator to suck solids. By adjusting the valve below the hopper, the solids can be evenly inhaled. The equipment is advanced design, multi-functional, high production efficiency and durable. It can quickly and uniformly mix a variety of solids without contact with the air, and the material is fully mixed and recycled. It can disperse and emulsify materials in the shortest time, narrowing the particle size distribution range, and finally obtaining a fine, long-term stable product. Water and powder mixer08Water and powder mixer 05Water and powder mixer10 Maintenance Instructions Please check whether the seals are correctly assembled and whether the joints are tightly connected before operate the pump. Check whether the rotation direction of the impeller is clockwise. Before operate the pump, parts that come in contact with liquids should be steam sterilized to ensure compliance with food health and safety requirements. The threaded joint (Rd65 x 1/6) on the pump housing I is the inlet, and the mixed liquid after mixing is transmitted through the threaded joint (Rd65 x 1/6) of the lower pump housing II. The two rubber hose fittings on the lower part of the pump casing II are cooling water inlet pipes designed to cool the mechanical seal and the spindle. In order to avoid that the installation position of the pump is higher than the suction level, which requires an irrigation pump, the pump is preferably installed at a position lower than the liquid level to facilitate the control of the flow. Do not allow the pump to work under long-term overload conditions to avoid damage to the motor. The dismantling of the pump is convenient. After loosening the 4 M10 cap nuts, the diaphragm of the pump housing I can be opened. Remove the lock nut on the spindle (left-handed, clockwise). Take out the impeller and you will see the mechanical seal. When the pump is running, it should be noted whether there is leakage on the sealing surfaces. If the leakage is severe, stop using it immediately and check if the seals on the shaft are damaged and the installation position is correct. And replace it properly with new one if necessary. After the operation is completed, the pump should be cleaned in time to prevent the scale of the feed liquid. Use hot water for cleaning first, then remove the pump body, clean the parts with a brush, and then install all the parts in order. Note that when in use and cleaning, the stainless steel motor cover can not be removed to prevent moisture, which will damage the motor.  

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