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详情页_01 详情页_03 The propeller mixer is commonly used in low viscosity fluid. The standard propeller type is a three-lobed blade with a pitch equal to the diameter of the paddle. During mixing, the fluid is sucked from above the blade and discharged downwards in a cylindrical spiral shape. The fluid returns to the bottom of the tank and then returns to the top of the blade along the wall to form an axial flow. The degree of turbulence of the fluid during mixing by the propeller mixer is not high, but the amount of circulation is large. When the baffle is installed in the tank. the mixing shaft is installed eccentrically or the mixer is inclined, the vortex formation can be prevented. The diameter of the propeller shoulder naga is small. the ratio of the diameter of the blade to the inner diameter of the tank is generally 0.1 to 0.3, the speed of the tip end line is 7 to 10 m/s, the maximum is 15m/s.详情页_05 详情页_07 详情页_09 详情页_11 详情页_12

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