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Milk Cooling Tank 66_02 PRODUCT PARAMETERS 66_04 66_06  PRODUCT STRUCTURE Milk cooling tank is made up tank body, agitator, refrigerating unit and control box. The tank body is made of stainless steel 304, and be minutely polished. Insulation is filled by polyurethane foam, light weight, good insulation properties. 66_09 Requirements before installation ● Must be careful when you carry it, do not tilt more than 30°to any position. ● Check the wooden case, make sure it is not damaged. ● The refrigerating fluid has already been filled into the unit, so it is not allowed to open the valve of the compressor unit during transportation and and storage. Location of work house ● The work house should be spacious and good air liquidity. There should be an one-meter passageway for operator working and maintain. When it is mechanized milking, you should consider about the connection with other equipment. ● The foundation of the milk tank should be 30-50 mm higher than the floor. Installation of milk tank ●After the milk tank got in position, please adjust the feet-bolts, make sure the tank tilt to the discharge hole, but not too much, just can discharge all the milk in the tank. You must make sure the six feet uniform stress, do not allow any foot be drift. You can adjust the left-right slope by Horizontal scale, make sure it is not slope to left or right. ●Switch on the inlet of condenser. ●The equipment switch on electric power must switch on the earth. PRODUCT SHOWCASE 66_12

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