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The steam filter is mainly used to filter moisture and solid impurities and dust inside the pipe steam. It uses a sintered stainless steel filter element for easy operation and maintenance, high filtration efficiency and a long service life.

Typical Application

  • Sterilization in biotechnology and medicine
  • Sterilization of food and beverages:¬†filtering of steam that heats food.
  • Moisture filtration in laboratories in the electronics industry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Technical Apecofocation

Main Technical Parameter:

Seleciton Guide

Pleated Filter Cartridge

Brief description: The plated filter cartriage is a precision filter made of polypropylene fiber membrane, nylon, hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) microporous membrane and other filter membranes. It is an advanced fixed depth filter with filtration accuracy from 0.1 um to 60u. The filter membrane does not affect the filtration accuracy due to fluctuations in feed pressure. Both the filter end cap seal and the integral structural connection are hot melt welded. Common types of filter joints are: 226 lined stainless steel ring, 226,222, flat, 215,222 lined stainless steel ring, bulkhead, wing, etc.

Features: wide chemical compatibility, large flow, low pressure, long service life, wide range of filtration accuracy to meet a variety of application requirements. It is welded by a hot melt process and is robust and free of harmful emissions to contaminate the product.

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