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The magnetic stirrer is a stirrer that is mounted on the bottom of a container and is driven by magnetic force. It adopts a fully closed, non-leaking, non-fouling mixing method. Because it is magnetically driven, it is a non-contact, torque-free transmission shaft. It uses the static seal of the insulating sleeve isolation method to replace the dynamic seal of the drive shaft and completely solves the leakage problem that can not be solved by the mechanical seal. The equipment is mainly used in the dissolution, mixing and batching in pharmaceuticals, foods and other industries. Scope of Application: various stainless steel reaction tanks, liquid tanks, storage tanks and other stirring devices. Operating Conditions: flammable/explosive/easily-leaking/high-sealing conditions. Technical parameters: Operating temperature: -40-300℃ Material: 304 or 316L stainless steel Working pressure: 0-0.3Mpa Model Selection Tips: please consider media viscosity changes, density changes, working temperature, and working pressure when selecting the model. Product Parameters  Magnetic Stirrer QLK 01 * The above information is for reference only and can be customized according to customer requirements. * This equipment can be customized according to the nature of raw materials to meet the needs of the process, such as greater viscosity, homogenization and other requirements.   Product Structure 1.With static seal to replace dynamic seal, it solves the leakage problem that other shaft seals cannot overcome. 2. Simple structure, low maintenance costs, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, without dead ends. 3. Installed at the vessel bottom, it can mix the media even the capacity is very small. The uniquely designed stirring blade can mix and stir various media. 4. Standardized design makes the excellent components interchangeable on different mixers. Magnetic Stirrer QLK 02 Product features Magnetic Stirrer QLK 03 Working Principle The magnetic stirrer is an equipment designed primarily to confirm to GMP standards in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industries, which is featured by small size, reasonable structure, excellent performance and reliable use. It is a stirring device applicable to all kinds of stainless steel reaction tanks and liquid tanks. It is mainly composed of internal magnetic steel, external magnetic steel, isolation sleeve and transmission motor. KET-type sanitary magnetic stirrer contact material parts are all made of stainless steel 316L/304, and it is through the permanent magnet coupling to drive the stirring shaft to work. It uses the static seal of the insulating sleeve isolation method to replace the dynamic seal of the drive shaft which completely solves various unavoidable leakage problems of mechanical seal. The stirring impeller of the magnetic stirrer rotates to generate a vortex, and the dissolvable powder or liquid material is sucked into the vortex and rapidly absorbed into the stirring impeller. The centrifugal force of impeller rotation impacts the material from the outer diameter of the impeller to the tank wall in the form of radiation. The material rises and circulates with the collision force, and is then sucked back to the suction end of the impeller. The impeller's thrust causes the material to move and stir continuously, and is homogenized, mixed, dissolved and dispersed, and finally forms a stable and delicate product. Product Showcase   Magnetic Stirrer QLK 04 Product Showcase Magnetic Stirrer QLK 05 Magnetic Stirrer QLK 069 Magnetic Stirrer QLK 07 Product Introduction ● Magnetic stirrer is featured by no leakage, fully sealed, corrosion resistance and energy saving. Because of its non-contact transmission torque, taking static seal to replace dynamic seal, it solves the leakage problem that other shaft seals cannot overcome. ● An idea replacement of processing machine for bio-engineering industry. Since all media and stirring components are in a sterile and sanitary state, this stirrer is an ideal replacement for processing machines in the industries of pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and cosmetics. ● It replaces the drive train and mechanical seals system of ordinary mixer. Applicable to the equipment in which the material is flammable, explosive, toxic and peculiar smell when it is mechanically stirred under certain pressure. And also suitable for the equipment that requires constant pressure (24 hours or more) in the process of dissolution, sterilization, and fermentation. ● Magnetic drive, no mechanical seal, no leakage, ensuring that the dosing solution is accomplished in a sterile environment without pollution, more suitable for the equipment in the bio-engineering that strictly requires no leakage or pollution in the production process.   ● It replaces the ordinary mechanical seal stirring structure, supporting CIP and aseptic operation, widely used in biological products, cell suspensions and infusion solutions. Unique impeller design, stainless steel 316L is used for material contact part, mechanical polishing of inner surface, precision 0.2-0.4mm

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